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17 Jan

Bitz Free – Bitcoin Gold Free Mining

So what is BitzFree?  Bitz Free is a bitcoin gold free mining website.  You can earn hash bonuses by sharing on social media and buy turning your bitcoin gold to additional hashs rates. So basically as you are mining for free you can also turn what you’ve mined no matter how much it is into more power to mine more. You also earn bonuses, for example for about a week i would log in twice a day and and convert what ever i mined to hashes. Well I didnt relize it but I was also earning bonuses. So today i not only turned on the double mining (which is helpful) but i also converted all my bonuses to hash rates, next thing i know im mining at over 101hs , so my plan is to keep converting what i earn each day to hashes and then once a week convert my bonuses. This is a great way to get started in mining and learning how to mine. Click here for your free mining!

17 Jan

MinerFarm – FREE 100hs Bitcoin Mining

Being somewhat new to bitcoin and crypto currency. Ive tried about everything about everything. Good news for you is Ive done all the leg work to find the best FREE yes i said free mining sites. Now most of these sites start you with anything from 10hs to 100hs per second. Lets start with a review of minerfarm . Minerfarm is almost like a online game. You start out with 100hs which is great considering most start you with 10hs. As you earn you can purchase and upgrade your miners. You can also buy fans, techs, is actually very interesting. have I earned anything since i started with MinerFarm yes roughly about $5.00 usd Bitcoin has a very high difficulty in mining but hey this is free mining. Ive also purchased a tech and fans so Ive probably earned more then that.  To get your free 100 hashes click one of the links and they will have you set up asap and you can start earning. MINERFARM click here to start your free mining