Brock Auto Parts eBay file exchange


We all know eBay is one of if not the largest online today.  Sellers on eBay make huge profits every month. In the last few years drop shipping has become more and more available to sellers worldwide. What we have done is take one of the largest online aftermarket auto parts retailers and created a program that will help you expand your eBay inventory. Welcome to BROCK BOT!

When I was working in the auto parts industry Brock Auto Supply was a huge vendor of ours for aftermarket parts, but they didn’t offer data dumps or any other file information so I could upload hundreds of items easily. I mean Brock Auto Supply has a huge catalog of auto parts and we wanted to list them all on ebay so we could expand our auto parts eBay store. After many hours of trying to build the eBay File Exchange CSV by hand, we finally decided there had to be an easier way! Every part I worked with had a Hollander number, well…Brock Auto Supply also uses Hollander numbers. So by being able to enter the Hollander numbers I wanted to list on eBay, I was able to generate not only the eBay listings but custom html descriptions that where fully populated with Brock Auto Supplies information. Imagine being able to adjust your mark up, add your own branded html description, and upload to eBay file exchange simply and easily.

Inside Brock Bots config tab, you can edit all the important information. Such as YOUR CUSTOM HTML DESCRIPTION, location, markup, subtitles and more. There is also a throttle control so depending on your internet speed you may want to slow it down or SPEED it up.  You  can also add specific store categories,  locations and you can also input your information such as Payment Policies, Shipping Policies and Returns. As of V1.1 you have to edit your csv but WAIT, that’s being worked on so you would be able to open the config under settings and edit everything you need. Only thing you’ll need to do after setting up Brock Bot. Is input your Hollander numbers and let it run.

As you can see from the quick sample CSV image, Brock Bot will populate the fields you need to upload via eBay’s File Exchange Program. Now personally, I go back and edit my titles because i like them unique to how i write my listings. You don’t have to, as you can see the titles are auto-populated from Brock Auto Supply website with the information you’ll need. It also limits your titles to 80 characters which is eBays maximum for the title.  We have also spent alot of time talking with eBay about what is needed and what can removed from the File Exchange CSV along with working with them closely on making sure the format is correct.

Soon we will be adding a walk thru video and Brock Bot will be available for download by 9/1/2017